frequently asked questions


You’ve got our ear…let’s get to the small talk.

What is FlipMe all about?

FlipMe is your dating accomplice. Your go-to-gal. Basically we’re a way to act on an attraction you have by giving your flirtatious side a boost of confidence, and giving out a personal invitation to link up with you online – at The unique code on each card keeps your personal information personal. The only info they see is your profile. And the only person who can see your profile was hand-picked by you!

How is FlipMe different than other online dating sites?

That’s easy. It’s not an online dating site. FlipMe is about meeting real people in real life. No tests, no surveys, no misleading profiles. Flirt in public…get to know each other on-line. On your terms.

Why don't I just use my business card?

Your business card has personal contact information. Where’s the mystery in that? FlipMe is better…The code on each card keeps your information private and lets you disclose more as you feel more comfortable. No chance of an awkward phone call at work.

Can I hand out FlipMe cards before I activate my pack?

You go girl. We encourage it – you can start using the cards right way and activate your pack when you get home. We’ll store your messages. Soon you can activate your cards right from your smartphone.

What happens after 6 months if I still have cards left?

Well, you need to stop being so stingy with them…  but if you still have some left, buy another pack which extends your membership and allows you to use all of the cards.

I just flipped someone a card. Now what?

Log on to FlipMe. If the attraction is mutual, the recipient will use your Member ID and Card ID to send you a message on the site. You take it from there!

How do I reach out to people I've flipped?

Relax, and be confident. You did the hard work…but you can only communicate once the person you have flipped connects with you.

Will I have the ability to search for others on the site?

Nope. We’re not a dating site. The only people you will connect with are people you have actually met in the real world. Remember that place?

What happens if I get flipped?

Well congrats! If you've been flipped, simply enter the code on the card you received, fill out the simple, free registration and you'll be connected to the person who flipped you. Good luck.

Say I've been flipped more than once. What do I do then?

Aren’t you special? You only need to register the first time you get flipped. Simply login and send a new message by entering the new Member ID and Card ID.

How much is it?

FlipMe is free to those who receive a card. If you want to give out cards of your own, join us! It’s $25 for a 6 month membership.

What do I get when I sign up as a Member?

You get 30 FlipMe cards and a membership that allows you to use these cards for 6 months. You chose the type of cards you want. Your pack will be shipped 5-7 days after receipt of your order.

Can I give FlipMe as a gift?

Heck yeah! Flirting is more fun with friends! Simply visit the FlipMe store to give a relative, friend or colleague the ultimate dating accomplice.

Have any other questions?

Feel free to email us anytime at: